Lexicon Juret is a team of like minded lawyers, who basically have reformative and creative tendencies in respect of the well being of the common people. In our free time we do not discuss Events, things or personalities. We discuss Ideas and the central idea of our discussion is always State/Governmental systems. These chronic discussions are now being converted into a research to find an alternate system to Politics and to explore for a real systematic democracy.

A reflexion of our research work is given beneath.



We are following wrong definition of Democracy. Politics was the Greek state tools to establish a governmental system, Romans altered it with law, a more efficient and balanced state mechanism, it worked and worked excellently. Research shows that Law and Politics cannot co-exist, hence after promulgation of Law, politics was supposed to be abolished but it co-existed due to certain reasons.

Glorious revolution of British in 16th century was infect an invasion by feudal and lords against Magisterial state system and in consequences thereof Parliamentary system was foisted upon the people. This was an indirect war against the Law by Politics and resultantly as Parliament came into being the legal studies at Inns of Courts in London remained suspended for 20 years1

There is an inherent defect in the existing democratic system due to 3 reasons (1) Party system (2) electoral process (3) parliamentary governmental system. All three does not produce democracy in strict sense. It cannot be called a government by people in real sense. Democracy by parliamentary way or by electoral representatives never means government by people .It means a governmental or state system by Lords, Feudal and capitalist or in short Government by the wealthy entities, public has no option other than to Vote and sometimes majority vote is defeated by minority vote due to technical fault in the procedure2.

The initial democratic government was in form of Municipal Corporation of Athens but as it spread to parts of Macedonia, it started collapsing, this caused division between Remos and Demos. It converted into protection of persons and groups and not of nation. It created atmosphere of hypocrisy THIS later on after Aristotle Era was named as Politics.
The early division of Remos and demos has become deeper in the modern history of politics and parliament, particularly after 16th century3 when politics of partyism was incorporated in to electoral system. Party system has further promoted a concept of occupation, dominancy and groupism. Party system creates rivalry and dispute.
By election process only rich or elite or someone sponsored by same like 4 reach into Government Houses. It does not provide the rout to filter intellectuality or competence; it only brings forward the powerful

1 See history of Lincolns Inn the inn of the court London United Kingdom.
2 For Example in a constituency of 30000 Votes there are 3 candidates, 2 candidates secure 8000 vote each but 3rd secured 12000 thus 18000 Voters
defeated by 12000.
4 for example Drug lords (john F Canady election campaign), weapon traders oil traders sponsor elections

It requires a high quantum amount to complete the process, expenses on mobilization propagation, campaign of election process etc. There is no consistency, no technical handling, no lawful source of funds. Amazingly a proper taxation system is available to run the administration of state but the government which has to run the state is dependent on charity and donations to political parties.

Socratic, Plato, Aristotle Thomas Hobbes and Locke suggest that everyone is not competent to decide at the level where national interest is involved but everyone is keen of protection of basic rights. This is not democracy that u ask people to count themselves for a single head but a real democracy is one wherein everyone has the way to take part in state affairs by having direct and short coming check and balance over public administration offices. Delegation by way of vote is not a secure way to achieve the purpose.

Therefore by electoral process we will never get a person or persons of required qualities, which are needed to run a state. Here question arises what should be the requirement in a person to run a state and administer Government?

A state with a constitution under modern definition is like a joint stock company . Governments sale and purchase and regulate private sale and purchase on behalf of state domestically and internationally along with its other responsibilities, including protection of person and properties of the citizens and to prosecute the violators and criminals. But the most prominent job of a state Head is to administer Finance and Economics. Thus a dejure state needs a good administrator not a leader and Politics by way of electoral system can only produce a leader not a financial expert or administrator.

As for as parliament is concern, political system puts an extra ordinary burden upon it. Firstly Head of the state has to be elected from it. Secondly minsters of the state are also taken from it. Thirdly a very technical and difficult task of law making has been assign to it. A chronic defect is that minsters of state are also electors of head of state. If they pull confidence the head of state will fell down, thus head of the state loses authority over its working group. This situation also leads to corruption. Thirdly misters also not academically and technically qualified, so un-qualified becomes head of qualified persons

Law is a self-contained system; law decides about the life and death of Polis, it also fixes the destiny of citizens property and other rights. Law is technical field and even more complicated and difficult than science engineering. Like a bridge cannot be build other than an engineer alike, law making has to be dealt by the persons having expertise over it with due competence and intellectuality. How the persons who come through electoral process can perform this task.

First democratic government was formed in 594 BC, after about 70 years Socratic 470-399 BC introduced a new philosophy he professed the structure of Government should be based upon ethics (Which in modern terms can be called Rule of Law) this means Socratic disagreed with democratic system. Due to resistant from exiting government Socratic was put to death and his state theory remained un- implemented, his disciple Plato went a step ahead and introduced the concept of philosopher king. This state model also remained un-attended. After that Aristotle contemplated a deep research upon human and human society, animals and plants. Aristotle was of the view that Government would be formed by elite class of the society; he divided population into different groups. Aristotles work was a thesis upon human life, human in Greek is called Pole, and thus his work was named as politics. This was infect chemistry of people, Aristotle told how masses can be convinced or driven to elect you.

Ancient states were required to run on force or power because they were based on expansion and occupation. The Era expansion, colonialism and dictatorial or despotic rule been passed now. Not power it needs administration to run a state now. From Socratic, Plato, Aristotle , Thomas Hobbs to John Lock and uphill now , no perfect governmental system is discovered, hence POLITICS is not a proper way to run a State and protect citizens. Some Intellectuals have researched and proposed their governmental systems but all is buried in books there is need to shuffle those pages and videography I must say is best way to inform people of the world that we are defrauded in the name of Politics. We are 99% and 1% the same capitalists are ruling us with different faces.

Politics by either means cannot be a base for a best governmental system. From the old Greek Era to the modern western far American and Asian regions, democracy by way of a government, through politics, has failed to provide a solid mathematically calculated, governmental system. We have to look forward and research for the alternatives, the great drawback in the current democratic system is horrible, infect the job task between the pillars of state has been mis- distributed, legislation, being a sole skill full task has been assigned to parliament, no parliament shall be supposed to make a law, there should be a legislative house consisting experienced law experts including, lawyers and judges and professional legal persons.

What Aristotle is speaking about polis that never meant politics of current regimes, he was intended to explain enactment of law for individuals. Politics is mistaken and illegal concept in democracy; parliamentary governmental system has failed to be a valid governmental system Under the modern definition as mentioned above a state is called common wealth or a public/joint stock company, which requires to be run by a technically skilled person with higher education but electoral process does not have a fit person to head a state because electoral process has no concern with competence it produces majority backed.

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